Kohanemisprogramm Programme for the Adaptation

Programme for the Adaptation

Programme for the adaptation and integration of third-country nationals into Estonian Society (pdf)

Welcome to the adaptation programme!

In the adaptation programme, you will meet people who are waiting to help you to settle in Estonia quicker. Every beginning is difficult, but it is always easier to start with a circle of supportive friends.

The adaptation programme was designed in collaboration with the Estonian Integration Fund, Tallinn University, and is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the European Foundation for the Integration of third-country nationals.

The adaptation programme teaches the Estonian language, provides knowledge about life and society in Estonia as well as settling into Estonian society.

Who needs the programme?

The programme is specifically designed for newly arrived adults in Estonia, who are citizens of third countries, and is intended to facilitate their integration into Estonian society.

What the adaptation programme offers?

The programme offers a supportive environment for third-country nationals during their stay in Estonia. Such an environment is especially necessary for people of other cultural backgrounds who come from areas outside of the European Union.

The programme offers the necessary supportive services for settling in Estonia. The programme comprises of: 1) learning the Estonian language, 2) lectures and tours introducing the life, culture and values of Estonian society, and 3) preparation for employment.

Main course and supporting services

The volume of the basic course is 65 hours. Participants are prepared for entry into the labour market as well as for overall socio-economic integration.

The basic course introduces the history, geography, culture, life and society in Estonia, as well as the basic norms and values of Estonian society. As part of the basic course, knowledge of the country's current laws and the rights of residents can be acquired.

Further assistance can be provided in finding information about housing, employment, health services, social support services, education, professional training as well as in many other areas of everyday life.

Estonian Language Course

The language course consists of 364 hours of basic Estonian education aimed at the desired initial language level (A2), which should provide learners the opportunity to participate in the day-to-day life of Estonia as well as in the labour market. Teaching of the Estonian language takes place in a supportive environment which encourages participants to put into practice what has been learned. Themes covered during the language course are based upon the needs of students.

Further language learning is offered in the form of a language club. The language club supports each student according to their individual language abilities, thereby creating a friendly environment in which people with different needs and abilities can feel equally secure. For those who wish to apply for long-term residence in Estonia, further possibilities will be offered to learn the Estonian language at B1 level.